Friday, 14 December 2018
Ways To Make Money Online with Internet Marketing

There are a lot of people making money online.  Some make a little bit, others make a lot.  And there are a lot of others who just flounder around and waste time without anything to show for it.  We’re going to help you get into the money-making group with internet marketing.

In many ways, internet marketing is like the mall.  Stores with better products attract customers.  It is the quantity and quality of your customers that lead to sales.  That’s why the big retail chains pay high rents for their mall space, and then buy mannequins and hire display specialist to make their products look good.

The internet has changed all that. Physical stores with sales clerks and cashiers have given way to technology.  Yet the task is still the same.  If you want to make money online, same as it is in the brick and mortar world, you need good products presented well.  Let’s look at some proven internet marketing ideas that work.

Is it Hard Work

The short answer is yes, it takes a lot of work to be successful.  It may not be the physical work of stocking displays, sweeping the floor, and manning the cash register.  It’s just a different kind of work using brainpower and technology.

The tech trackers tell us that there are somewhere around 1,805,260,010 websites in the world today.  Your site has to be darn good to get attention in this crowd. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools and techniques that little guys like us can use to do that.

The Big Guys

Every once in a while, someone comes along with a new idea in marketing and makes a lot of money with it.  People like Jeff Bezos who started a little online bookstore with bid ideas (Amazon), or Elon Musk, who before Tesla created an online credit card company (Paypal).

Are you one of those?  Maybe, but probably not. For every internet giant, there are tons of little internet marketers like us that earn a living online at a slightly lesser level.

So How Do We Do It?

The answer is brains, creativity, and hard work.  There is a basic formula for selling anything.  Your task is to bring together a willing buyer with a capable seller (you) over a needed product.  The formula has just three factors:

  1. Buyer
  2. Seller
  3. Product

Buyers are first on the list.  Nothing happens until you bring buyers into your website to see your products.  There are several ways to attract them.  Maybe you found this site through Google.  That’s called SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  Your task with SEO is to get listed near the top of a search for a particular search term or product.

Or maybe you came here through social networking and a link on Twitter or Facebook.  Top quality SEO and social networking is the online equivalent of having your store in a good mall.  It takes a lot of work and may cost a bit of money, but getting buyers into your store is the first step.

Second on the list is the seller.  That’s you.  You need to be devoted to the process and set up systems that work.  Have you ever gone into a restaurant that smelled bad?  Wasn’t too appetizing, huh?  That’s not how you want your store to be.

And the final part of the equation is merchandise: You need something good to sell.  Maybe you have your own products to sell or a service or product that’s in demand.   But for most internet entrepreneurs, that answer is affiliate marketing.  That means that you, as an affiliate, are selling someone else’s product, and getting paid a commission for every sale.

Market Master is an affiliate site.  We’ve brought you here with free news articles that can help your business, and we’ve presented some of our favorite affiliate offers around the edges.  It’s like walking down the aisle at the department store.  Some of them may appeal to you, others may not.  Maybe you’ll find what you like and make a purchase.  These vendors have agreed to send me a small portion of the sale that won’t affect the price that you pay.

It All Starts with a Blog

I’ve been in internet marketing for a long time and started with what are now called authority sites.  Those are websites that provide information, sort of mini-encyclopedias of certain topics.  They worked well for several years and are still bringing in income.  Yet today, with the exception of the big guys like Wikipedia or Quora, authority sites have given way to the eCommerce site or the blog.

The difference is fuzzy, but to me, an eCommerce site is like Home Depot or Amazon.  People know what they want and go there.  For the 99.99% of us marketers smaller than Amazon, a blog is a way to go.  Typically hosted in WordPress, although there are others, a blog offers the flexibility of design that lets us add pages and sections easily.  You’re reading a blog post.  It’s designed to give you a little of my knowledge for free.  And there are lots more pages with news and opinions from experts in their fields.  Some are free, others cost.

So I’ve tempted you into my store with writings from myself and others and now hope that you’ll see something that you like in my store.  That’s what blogging is all about.

Tools of the Trade

This site is titled Market Master for a reason.  We aim to bring you the tools and insight needed to master internet marketing.  Many people try, thinking that they can get rich with just a bit of work.  Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.  But if you’re willing to put in the effort, and you use some smart ideas along the way, you should be able to earn some good money from it.

Follow with us as we bring the internet marketing news of the day fresh to you.  And check out some of our ads.  They’re from some of the tops in the business and have ideas that are unmatched.  Learn a little from them and check out their products.

Al, the Market Master